The thought leaders at RLS all share one thing in common – an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. The RLS Leadership Team blends a variety of expertise that supports the professional development of our colleagues and the vision of our clients.

There is always a ‘plus’ element, something else to learn, in each endeavor. Each engagement brings new knowledge, and collaboration is the best way to further exploration and innovation.

Randy Sparks

Following a stint as a Sous Chef and Restaurant Kitchen Manager, and after graduating with a degree in Industrial Design, Randy began his pursuit of technology. Over the ensuing years, he has mastered the disciplines of acoustics, interior architecture, audiovisual systems, physical security systems, converged networks, and technology infrastructure.

Randy is the Founder and Managing Principal of RLS. He leads the RLS team and has leveraged his interdisciplinary expertise to constantly position RLS for the next wave of technology and the practical application of this knowledge. He is presently a member of the AIA, IFMA, and ASA.

I like to believe we bring order to chaos by creating technology infrastructure that is robust, logical, and scalable to support truly converged networks (and the occasional data center farm...

Jim Augustus (Emeritus)

Jim retired from full time involvement in 2019, but continues to offer his guidance and wisdom. His deep knowledge of technology infrastructure, fiber optics, AC and DC power systems, steam locomotion, fine wine, and classical music is, as always, unmatched.

Jim has been the principal designer of over 35 million square feet of technology infrastructure. He lead the Technology Infrastructure practice center at RLS. In his prior life, he spent 15 years in integrated circuit design before moving on to DEC’s Western Research Lab, supporting Drs. David Boggs and Brian Reed in the development of Ethernet.

Jim  gained a reputation for playing the role of MacGyver on many of our more complex projects. He was, and still is, able to provide creative solutions to almost any challenge we come across.

Always learn and teach in turn. By helping people achieve their own goals, in a way that helps the organization achieve its goals, a culture of innovation and shared values is fostered.

Marc Vandenplas

Acting as Principal Consultant with RLS, Marc leads the firm’s Business Consulting practice center. His passions are decision science and organizational effectiveness.

Marc is a seasoned management consultant with experience on international, large-scale, data-driven organizational transformation projects. He excels in program delivery, change management, corporate strategy, and innovation management.

Mr. Vandenplas has consulted on Business Reorganization and risk management efforts for Chevron, Merrill Lynch, Caltex; Change Leadership for Amazon, Alere, Pacific Gas & Electric, ConocoPhillips; Program Management for General Electric, NBC, Visa; and helped institute data science-driven innovation and quality management for multiple companies. He also recently developed the framework for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery for the Information Technology Department within the San Francisco Department of Public Health.

Marc maintains certifications in Lean Six Sigma (Black Belt), Kanban, data science, and strategic planning, and holds an MBA from Golden Gate University. Additionally, he is a published author of finance and economics textbooks, and has served on multiple municipal boards and commissions.