Case Studies and Methodologies

Project Portfolio Management

RLS employs Project Portfolio Management techniques to optimize the allocation of resources and funds across multiple projects.

Our arsenal of cutting-edge tools and techniques afford us the capacity to significantly reduce cost, increase delivery efficiency, save revenue for other investments, and more effectively deploy an organization’s workforce in strategically aligned initiatives.

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The RLS-managed Data Center Consolidation project necessitated the migration of OpenLink, a core DPH mission-critical application. Diligent cross-department coordination, including detailed management and communication plans, day-of-migration minute-by-minute schedules, and joint command center operation, enabled the team to complete the migration without significant incident and ahead of schedule.

Our success not only set the “gold standard” for RLS, but also for the entire San Francisco Department of Public Health IT Department.

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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans are crucial for any organization, but particularly so for those responsible for customer/patient/occupant/etc. health and safety. When it was determined that the San Francisco Department of Public Health would benefit from a wholistic approach to BC/DR, RLS immediately engaged to lead the research, creation, and ratification of high-level documentation associated with disaster-related strategies, procedures, and recommended best practices for DPH IT.

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Fault Tree Analysis

Analyzing system vulnerabilities to discern methods for safeguarding critical support systems and information technology operations is an essential part of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning. Fault Tree Analysis is the ‘best practice’ for discerning and prioritizing the risks associated with a system’s points of failure and allows for calculation of a system’s risk.

RLS utilizes the latest tools, techniques and methodologies to calculate and compare risk and focus appropriate effort towards mitigating these risks to the given system.

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Strategic Planning is the development of the recommended course of action (RCA) that Strategic Management uses to reach the strategy’s objective. RLS’ state-of-the-art tools and techniques, including RCA/Policy Tree Integration, Risk Profile Charts, and active Subject Matter Expert engagement, help you exceed your strategic goals.

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