Technology Infrastructure Design

A robust technology infrastructure is the foundation of the Technology Utility TM within a building or Campus environment. As technology becomes truly ubiquitous, the technology infrastructure must provide a stable platform upon which to install a Converged Network hosting voice, data, video, building security, and other low voltage building systems.

Over 35 years of experience and 30 Million square feet of technology infrastructure have given us a unique perspective regarding how one might design a structured cabling solution and supporting MEFP systems. From Office Buildings to University Campuses and on to Data Centers masquerading as small county villages in rural Finland, we have employed a consistent, standards-based approach to creating lasting designs for our clients.

We have provided technology infrastructure designs for virtually every kind of building structure, including:


  • Broadcast and Entertainment Facilities
  • Central Office Facilities
  • Co-location Facilities
  • Corporate Headquarters
  • Data Centers
  • Internet Exchange Service (ISX) Facilities
  • K-12 Educational Facilities
  • Libraries
  • Museums
  • Office Buildings
  • Research Facilities
  • Universities

and in more detail

  • Strategic planning focusing on how organizational communication can be enhanced with technology.
  • Technical Program Development.
  • Preparation of Schematic Design, Design Development, and Construction drawings.
  • 3D/BIM Modeling.
  • CSI-format specifications.
  • Creation of Bid Documents, assistance with Trade Contractor Bidding, Bidders Interviews, Bid Analysis, and Trade Contractor selection.
  • Construction Phase Services:
    • Submittal Review
    • RFI Response
    • Field Observations and associated Reports
    • Punch List preparation
    • Commissioning
  • Record Document preparation