Technology Program Management

It is typical for an Owner to retain a Construction Manager to aid in project management, budget control, and oversight. A qualified Construction Manager can add value by providing leadership in overall project development, sage advice during budget development, and prudent control over budget allocation and administration.

However, in the specialized area of technology infrastructure and integration, many Construction Managers lack essential experience.

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Tactical & Operational Planning

It is typical for an organization to retain a program manager to aid in the tactical and operational planning to implement strategy. The program manager must implement the company’s strategic needs through a carefully designed portfolio of projects. While this is well accepted for companies generally, it is equally true for smaller, project-based organizations.

A qualified Program Manager can add value by providing leadership in overall project portfolio development, and decision & risk analysis during program development and administration, and prudent risk management and control…

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Technology Infrastructure Design

A robust technology infrastructure is the foundation of the Technology UtilityTM within a building or Campus environment. As technology becomes truly ubiquitous, the technology infrastructure must provide a stable platform upon which to install a Converged Network hosting voice, data, video, building security, and other low voltage building systems.

Over 35 years of experience and 30 Million square feet of technology infrastructure have given us a unique perspective regarding how one might design a structured cabling solution and supporting MEP systems.

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Converged Network Design

When services are made available on a common platform (Converged Network) that is supported by a common infrastructure (Technology Utility), enhanced and unforeseen functionality is the outcome. RLS2010

As more of the appliances we use in our daily activities become “networked”, the requirements placed on both IT Departments and building infrastructure are demanding. Understanding the function of low voltage systems being hosted on the network is key to developing appropriate converged network architecture

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Audiovisual Systems Design

Combined with our interdisciplinary background in other technology systems, converged networks, interior architecture, and building systems, we offer creative audiovisual solutions that integrate with the building architecture. Employing best practices in User Interface design and expertise in universal control systems programming, our designs feature “intuitive simplicity” and ease of operation. This collective experience enables us to provide unbiased recommendations aligned with program requirements.

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Security Systems Design

We employ an integrated approach to physical security systems design – one that has gained us the distinction of becoming a Cisco Systems Advantage Technology Partner supporting their offering to Fortune 500 Enterprise and International Utility customers. This approach leverages a breadth of experience gained from working in the field of building security for over 15 years.

Combining knowledge of traditional analog systems, digital video hybrids, and our deep background in network design, we design and oversee the deployment of traditional stand-alone or true IP-based security systems hosted on a…

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Acoustic Consulting

Our acoustic consulting practice has evolved over the past 35 years to encompass a wide range of services applicable to an equally wide range of project types. From “greenfield” headquarters campus developments requiring a Noise Element for the initial EIR, precision noise and vibration engineering for clean room manufacturing environments, precision acoustic design necessary to guarantee frequency response within a digital audio recording studio, and everything in between we provide the knowledge, experience, creative solutions, and quality deliverables ensuring project success.

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