SF PDH OpenLink Case Study


The RLS-managed Data Center Consolidation project necessitated the migration of OpenLink, a core DPH mission-critical application. The clinical importance of this migration required coordination across all departments within ZSFG, Laguna Honda Hospital, and the Clinics.


A “mini-HICS” (Hospital Incident Command Center) event was declared to oversee the migration. RLS was responsible for overall project management, project communications, scheduling, technical event readiness, coordination of DPH IT Service Towers (Network Operations, Network Security, Servers, Applications, and Application Delivery Services), Command Center staffing, and managing critical “day-of-migration” telecommunications. RLS Project Managers also coordinated all activities leading up to the migration, including lab testing to confirm the migration methodology and benchmark timing for migration activities. Using this data, a minute-by-minute schedule was created to ensure all team members remained on-time during the active migration.


ZSFG Executive Leadership (CEO Susan Ehrlich) visited the Command Center during the active migration and observed the effort completed without significant incident and ahead of schedule. DPH IT indicated that the OpenLink Migration set the standard for how similar migrations should be executed.


  • Migration Management Plan
  • Migration Communication Plan
  • Migration Planning and Execution Schedule
  • Day-of-Migration Minute-by-Minute Schedule
  • Migration Tracking Log
  • Migration and Mini-HICS Case Study / Debrief

Above & Beyond

RLS capitalized on the event success and created an Application Migration Methodology Manual for DPH IT to use as a guide in planning and executing future application migrations.