Acoustic Consulting

Our acoustic consulting practice has evolved over the past 35 years to encompass a wide range of services applicable to an equally wide range of project types. From “greenfield” headquarters campus developments requiring a Noise Element for the initial EIR, precision noise and vibration engineering for clean room manufacturing environments, precision acoustic design necessary to guarantee frequency response within a digital audio recording studio, and everything in between we provide the knowledge, experience, creative solutions, and quality deliverables ensuring project success.

Supporting Owners, Manufacturers, Developers, Contractors, and Project Architects with a service model tailored to specific requirements, we do not provide a “canned” approach to project delivery. The interdisciplinary background we have in systems design, interior architecture, and industrial design brings a unique perspective allowing us to integrate the science of acoustics with the art of design. We become a partner to the design professional and a pragmatic advocate for cost-conscious Owners, bringing best value propositions to each consulting engagement.


  • Noise Element Preparation for Environmental Impact Reports
  • Environmental Noise Studies supporting Noise Ordinance Development and Compliance
  • Industrial Noise and Vibration Analysis and Development of Mitigation Measures
  • Acoustic Design Program Development
  • Core and Shell Building Acoustic Consulting
  • Electro-Mechanical Noise and Vibration Analysis and Mitigation Consulting
  • Interior Architectural Acoustics Consulting
  • Open Office Acoustics Consulting
  • Sound Masking System Design and Tuning

and in more detail

  • HVAC Noise Criterion Compliance Analysis
  • Reverberation Testing
  • Field Sound Isolation Class (FSTC) Testing and Compliance Reporting
  • Detailed Design for Specialized Acoustic Spaces (e.g., Broadcast Studios, Theaters, Auditoria, Concert Venues, Listening Labs)
  • Preparation of Acoustic Details within Construction Documents
  • Peer Review
  • Expert Testimony