Tactical and Operational Planning

It is typical for an organization to retain a program manager to aid in the tactical and operational planning to implement strategy. The program manager must implement the company’s strategic needs through a carefully designed portfolio of projects. While this is well accepted for companies generally, it is equally true for smaller, project-based organizations.

A qualified Program Manager can add value by providing leadership in overall project portfolio development, and decision & risk analysis during program development and administration, and prudent risk management and control for cost-benefit optimization.

However, in the specialized area of tactical and operational planning, many Program Managers lack essential experience. It is for this reason we exist, to provide Tactical and Operational Planning services complementing those of a Program Manager, by assisting with program management through process improvement, change management, decision & risk analytics, and project portfolio management.

Our 35+ year background in business planning, decision & risk analytics, project portfolio management, and management consulting is applied on behalf of the Owner and their respective domain. The depth of experience we bring to proper development and implementation of tactical initiatives ensures best value.


  • Strategic Planning
  • Program Development
  • Conceptual Design
  • Budgeting
  • Schedule Development
  • Program Management
  • Value Engineering
  • Gap Analysis
  • RFP Preparation, Bidding, and Procurement
  • Cost Accounting
  • Owner Representation
  • Quality Assurance
  • Commissioning Oversight
  • Project Closeout
  • Post Project Analysis and Lessons Learned

and in more detail

  • Support for CIOs and CTOs through facilitated strategic visioning sessions.
  • Analysis and Integration of customer, operational, vendor data for Quantitative
  • Decision & Risk Analytics and Management.
  • Development & management of multi-project portfolios.
  • Development of clearly articulated Strategy Implementation Programs.
  • Development of detailed budgets for projects and project portfolios.
  • Operational process improvement.
  • Change Management & Organizational Effectiveness.
  • Large-capital Vendor negotiation.
  • Development of Request for Proposal and Bid Documents enabling concise and impartial analysis of bid responses. Administration of Bidder Interviews and the selection process.
  • Ongoing program management and cost control from bidder selection through to punch