SF DPH BCDR Case Study


During the RLS-managed Data Center Consolidation project, it was determined that the BC/DR policies needed to inform critical fail-out / fail-in / fail-over decisions did not exist. The identified scope encompassed the research, creation, and ratification of high-level documentation associated with disaster-related strategies, procedures, and recommended best practices for DPH IT.


RLS took a two-pronged approach to this task to accommodate the substantial workload of the San Francisco Department of Health IT Stakeholders / Subject Matter Experts. Combining extensive Stakeholder interviews with a deep, internal knowledge of industry best practices, RLS began a workable Disaster Recovery Plan in-line with DPH IT objectives and Business Continuity Planning.


RLS delivered multiple progress publications of key BC/DR outlines and documents, culminating in the final progress deliverable and presentation on June 30, 2017. An upcoming initiative (Date: TBD) will address the building, maintenance, and storage of test plans, along with the integration of Disaster Recovery Planning and Business Continuity.


Outlines, document templates, and/or process diagrams were delivered for:

  • Business Impact Analysis (BIA)
  • Information Services Continuity Plan (ISCP)
  • Cyber Incident Response Plan (CIRP)
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection Plan (CIP)
  • Crisis Management Plan (CMP)
  • Work Area Recovery Plan (WARP)
  • Administrative Plan (AP)
  • Pandemic Plan (PP)
  • Technical Recovery Plan (TRP)
  • IT Recovery Plan

Above & Beyond

RLS created Process Diagram and Narrative publications for each of the above plans. These easy-to-follow documents can be easily translated into Job Aides through Stakeholder engagement by any vested party and deliver a robust foundation for the upcoming initiative.